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This web site provides interactive visualisations of Swiss German dialect maps.

Digitized dialect maps

A selection of dialect maps published in the Sprachatlas der deutschen Schweiz (SDS) was digitized by Yves Scherrer and Sandra Kellerhals. The menu item Digitized dialect maps provides access to an interactive map viewer and to downloads of the data sets in different formats.


In collaboration with the Salzburg dialectometry group around Prof. Hans Goebl, various dialectometric visualisations were created on the basis of the digitized maps. These visualisations can be consulted under the menu item Dialectometry.

Translation and generation

The digitized SDS maps are also used to parameterize a machine translation system from Standard German to Swiss German dialects, and to create a dialect identification system. Such computational applications are described in Yves Scherrer's dissertation. Demos of these tools are available under the menu item Translation and generation.